7 Best Cheap Foldable Treadmills Trending in September 2023

Today everyone wants to stay healthy and fit. So, in order to achieve this, treadmill is the exact blessing that comes to the place. If you are looking for a foldable treadmill at a cheap price, then you are in the right place. I can help you find best latest foldable treadmills at a very affordable price.

If you are fitness lover and want to do routine workouts without hesitation and looking for best-performing treadmills with low budget then here comes the list of wonderful treadmills in the market.

Best Cheap Foldable Treadmills

We will give you the best results keeping the following points under consideration:

Variety of features: Treadmills having various display options, Bluetooth, built-in speakers, and latest technology.

Inclination: This workout option is preferred in most treadmills because it intensifies your work.

Price: We would suggest you the best treadmills according to market trends, best customer reviews, in affordable prices.

Quality: Whatever the price is, quality is the thing that can’t be compromised. So we would try our best to give you high-quality products.

Overall Best and Cheap: XTERRA TR150 Folding Treadmill

XTERRA TR150 Folding Treadmill

XTERRA TR150 is our top pick of foldable treadmill that you can get at a very cheap price. Even though cheap, there is no compromise on the quality.

If you are looking for a fancy treadmill, this one is not for you. But at a low price, it comes with all the necessary features and you can use it for walking or running as it has a large surface area of 16″ X 50″.

You can check everything on the large 5″ display screen like speed, time, incline, distance, etc.

It is very easy to fold this treadmill. After folding, you can store it in a small space or carry it with you if you are on the go.

But if you have kids, be careful when it is folded and your kids are nearby. Kids can open it and it may be dangerous for them as it opens with huge pressure. Not only this, any foldable treadmill should be placed away from kids when folded.

XTERRA TR150 comes with a lifetime warranty of frame, 1-year warranty of motor, and 90-day warranty on parts and labor.

This treadmill has manual incline option and you need to change them manually. So, you can’t change when you are on the treadmill. Incline has 3 settings.

It has 10 MPH speed that is fairly good for home use. It has 250 pounds weight limit. So, make sure not to overweight treadmill.

Finally, if you are looking for the best folding treadmill at the cheapest price and amazing quality, there is no better option than XTERRA Fitness TR150.


  • Very cheap price
  • Easy to fold
  • Very compact for storage
  • 5″ LCD display
  • Quick and easy assembly


  • The maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds is less
  • Lacks built-in cooling fan and USB
  • Fewer controls for runners
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UREVO Foldable Treadmill

UREVO Foldable Treadmill

UREVO is one of the best easily foldable treadmills. One extra edge provided by this treadmill is that it is quite handy, easily foldable, and has a good number of positive customer reviews. 

It folds completely flat and its height after folding is 5.1″ only. You can easily slide this under the bed or sofa. Its 2.5HP feature makes it a super functional machine.

Its maximum weight capacity is 260lb. This feature makes it different from other cheap treadmills as such a compact treadmill with this weight capacity is difficult to be found in the market.

The specially designed 12 pre-set program makes it super simple to understand as this pre-set displays a variety of options on one screen like distance, speed, calories, etc.

Its spacious belt with 16.5″ x 45.7″ is spacious enough to jog easily by providing you enough space. Thus, providing you safe run. It would be wise decision if you don’t place this on a thick carpet as it will trap dirt and fibers which will make the machinery parts to jam and can cause harm to it.

The 6 rubber mats are included for stability of the machine and to avoid floor damage.

UREVO treadmill has a warranty of 1 year.

So we have seen that this low-budgeted treadmill has many premium features which make it worth buying. But the thing which it lacks is high speed. This machine can only reach up to 7.5MPH. Though speed is not enough it is still good for walkers and average runners.

In the end, if you are a walker or an average runner, then this UREVO foldable compact treadmill is best fit for you as it comes with other premium features also.


  • Space-saving design of this compact treadmill is superb
  • LCD display with 12 pre-set programs
  • Mobile phone/tablet holder
  • 6 rubber mats
  • It has 7.5MPH speed limit


  • It has no incline
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Sunny Fitness Space Saving – SF-T7603 Treadmill

SUNNY  Fitness SF-T7603 is one of the leading machines in the market with such low price and multiple features.

Although it doesn’t come with as many options which are available in traditional treadmills in a gym, it is still most loved product because it has more than 1000 5-star reviews.

The space-saving feature of treadmill at cheap price is the fundamental feature that stands this out from others.

This machine comes with the 3 different options of incline, thus increasing your workout intensity, and helping you achieve more. But the incline options are manual.

The other amazing feature at a low price is its super speed. Whether you are beginner, average, or expert runner it is ideal for you. You can easily jog, walk or run because of its maximum speed limit of 9MPH.

Sunny Fitness SF-T7603 has 1-year frame warranty and 90-days parts warranty.

This high speed is quite suitable for home use. Built-in one touch speed buttons make it quick to reach your marked speed.

It gives you different options on display like speed, distance, calories burnt in a specific time, etc along with the 9 fitness options. This also comes with two water bottle holders and a mobile holder.

The simple and convenient design makes the setup easy at home. The understandable instruction manual makes the assembling easy and quick.

The convenient soft control system makes it’s folding unharmed because it descends slowly thus avoiding any kind of harm, injury. It closes with very little pressure as compared to other treadmills.

The thing which it lacks is the weight capacity. It can bear weight only up to 220lb.

The wide belt of 49″ x 16″ is spacious enough for walkers and runners also.

That’s all but if you want to get a treadmill with more features and totally auto functions, then you might have to choose some other.


  • The affordable price with stunning features
  • 9 pre-set features
  • Convenient hand control comes with speed control and pulse detector
  • Highly functional motor with 2.2HP


  • Maximum weight limit is 220lb/100kg
  • Manual incline option
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Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T4400

Sunny SF-T4400 is a top-notch Treadmill for home use at a very economical price. Although the price is low quality is not compromised at all as it outstands the market with over 6000 5-star reviews on Amazon.

If you want home based gym then this treadmill is a piece of art at such low price. It comes with many specs for walkers.

You can go up to 9MPH with this baby with the help of 2.2HP motor and can intensify your work little harder by varying the inclination options. This treadmill has three manual inclination options of up to 5%.

If you are obese this might not be for you as it comes with maximum weight limit of 220lb. You might take this as the back draw of this machine.

The soft drop system helps you fold or unfold safely.

9 built-in programs to give you an entire overview of your entire workout like time, distance, speed, etc.

Handrail comes with the option of speed varying buttons and pulse detector.

If you are a music lover or want to take some online lectures, it would be convenient for you because of the device holder space.

This inexpensive treadmill has 16″ wide and 49″ long deck which is suitable for walking and jogging but not suited for running.


  • Soft drop feature
  • High-speed limit of 9MPH
  • 9 built-in programs
  • Space-saving feature


  • Less maximum weight capacity of 220lb/100kg
  • Manual and low incline range
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Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Walking Treadmill 

Weslo Cadence G 5.9 comes with all the primary features which a folding treadmill should have. It is one of the most trusted and loved treadmills on Amazon.

Weslo G 5.9 is a perfect treadmill for home use because of its compact space-saver design as it folds easily.

At home, this will give you complete feel of gym because of high-speed limit of 10 MPH to boost your workout experience and let you achieve more.

It is integrated with a nice powerful motor which powers your walking experience by providing you uninterrupted smooth effect.

The addition of 1-month free iFit membership will let you explore free global workout sessions.

The cushioned deck of appropriate dimensions 16″ x 50″ gives you relief by exerting less force on your joints.

This unique machine comes with 275lb weight capacity and two levels of incline.

Blue tint HD LCD to display time, speed, distance, etc.

It has an average warranty of 1-year frame warranty, 90-days parts warranty, and 90-days labor warranty.

Weslo has summed up all the nice features at such a low price like high power motor, speed, cushioned deck, etc.

Warranty is not that much but treadmills in this price range are not always too much luxurious. There is always some back draw in low-cost treadmills.


  • Super speed of 10 MPH
  • Cushioned deck for smooth running
  • Maximum weight capacity of 275lb
  • Powerful motor of 2.25 CHP
  • Convenient folding method


  • Less belt width of 16 inches
  • Short handrails
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NordicTrack T Series 6.5 Si Sprinting Treadmill

The Nordic Track T Series 6.5 Si Treadmill is one of the best options available in the market as it contains more functions and is more automated than the aforementioned treadmills.

Although it is not that cheap as above if you are looking for more fancy foldable treadmill with more features like high speed, automated incline then this product is for you.

This is the only compact treadmill of Nordic Track that has an economical price and contains features of luxury treadmills. But it is worth buying because if we look at the traditional treadmills they might go up to $1500 with the following features.

NordicTrack 6.5 Si comes with superb speed of 10MPH. It folds very easily because of the hydraulic press system which makes the folding and unfolding easy and safe.

The inclination options range from 0-10%. This will help you in more calories burnt even while walking.

There is storage for social media gadgets like mobile or tablets.

One other awesome factor is its considerable weight capacity which distinguishes this from other cheap treadmills. Its weight capacity is 300lb which is good.

You can plug your MP3 device or connect your phone via Bluetooth. It has digitally amplified speakers also.

It’s can be set up really quickly with help of a simple instruction manual.

The wide belt of dimensions 20″ x 55″  provides you the easy and safe jogging.

This Nordic Track T Series 6.5 Si machine has a long warranty of 10-year frame, 2-year parts, and 1-year labor warranty.


  • 10″ HD LCD display
  • Automated 0-10% incline range
  • 300lb weight capacity
  • 1-month iFit membership
  • Hydraulic Pressure Folding & Unfolding
  • Strong 3HP motor


  • Little bit expensive
  • No cooling fans
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Horizon Fitness T101 Treadmill

Horizon Fitness T101 Treadmill

Horizon Fitness T101 is one of the best foldable treadmills on market. It is although not as cheap as above products but if you are fitness freak and want fancy treadmill then this is best.

This review is focused on key features like its folding, price, and warranty range which distinguishes it from others.

It’s an ideal treadmill for home use for walking and average workout routines.

The belt dimensions are 20″ x 55″, which is pretty good even for runners.

You want a treadmill with a considerable warranty range. Horizon Fitness T101 comes with lifetime frame and motor warranty. And 1-year parts/labor warranty.

Horizon fitness has latest technology of Hydraulic feather light folding. This technology makes folding easy and safe. It doesn’t close with as much pressure as compared to other machines.

Horizon has tried its level best to make noise as little as possible so that no one nearby is disturbed. It has very minimal noise thus providing you uninterrupted smooth jogging experience.

The large LED display gives all essential information like speed, calories burnt, distance traveled, inclination, and time, etc.

Although it is a bit costly the following qualities make the cost spent worthy:

  1. It has Bluetooth speakers, USB can also be inserted from port so that you can enjoy workout with music of your choice.
  2. Mobile/tablet holder so that you can attend your workout sessions with ease.
  3. Built-in speakers
  4. It offers 30 workout programs
  5. A special kind of cushioning imparts less stress on joints
  6. Deck has a shock absorber


  • Cooling fan provides you elegant experience while workout
  • At such price, it provides lifetime frame and motor warranty, and 1year labor/parts warranty.
  • It has a maximum speed of 10MPH
  • It can support weight up to 300lb
  • The inclination ranges from 0-10%
  • 30 pre-set programs including weight loss


  • Its 2.5 CHP motor is not powerful enough if you are expert runner.
  • It is not equipped with touch screen
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How to choose a Cheap Foldable Treadmill

There are multiple factors that one needs to consider while buying an inexpensive treadmill. Although inexpensive treadmills do not come with as many specs as costly treadmills they still serve well for most people.

There are two kinds of thoughts which you should have in your mind to decide what treadmill to chose.

  • Requirements or Goals
  • Long-lasting Treadmill attributes

Requirements or Goals

If you are more focused on your health and ultimately abs like body but you are just starting out you might need to look for that treadmill that has maximum ranges of speed and inclination options. So that when you progress and start doing hard workouts your machine can cope up with you.

If you are looking for home use, you should see folding treadmills which cover small space.

Hurtness in knee may urge you to select that treadmill that has cushioned deck in order to give you relief.

If you are more of music enthusiast then you should look for a treadmill equipped with USB port options, Bluetooth speakers, mobile holders, etc.

Treadmill attributes

Motor: On average for home-use treadmills comes with motors of 1.5 – 3 CHP. Motors with 1.5CHP can perform well. But always go for treadmill with more than 2CHP to avoid any interruptions while jogging.

If you are a walker then 2-2.5 CHP motors work well. But if you want to jog or run then 2.5-3 CHP serves well because while jogging more pressure is exerted on motor.

Belt size: If you are planning to walk then belt with 16″ width and 49″ length or more are suitable enough. But if you are expert runner then opt for treadmill having belt of size 20″ width and 50″ length or more in order to provide you ample space for sprinting.

Inclination:  You should mostly go for treadmills which have wide range of inclination options so that you can intensify workout routines to achieve more.

Speed: Mostly cheap treadmills don’t come with high-speed options but for you, we have listed best cheap treadmills having nice speed ranges up to 10MPH. These speed options are nice for average walkers and runners.

Weight limit: Like all other options weight limits are also different for different price ranges. But in our list, we have provided you the best possible cheap folding treadmills up to weight limit of 300lb.

Customer reviews can also help you determine what kind of product is. So we would also recommend you to go through customer reviews.

Are you a marathon runner or sprinter?

There are people who only want to do normal exercise to stay fit and healthy. For such people, treadmills having motor of above 2HP will serve well.

But if you are kind of sprinter guy you must search for a treadmill motor of at least 3HP. Because more horsepower motors don’t need excess maintenance.

One should not do often running on treadmills which are designed for walking purposes. Because doing so will wear out belt quickly and need more maintenance of motor and frame.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is CHP in motors?

CHP means continuous horsepower. It is a new term and enhanced version of horsepower (HP). The treadmill motors with CHP are more recommended. Because CHP will give continuously the same amount of power to treadmill whether you are walking or running. But motors with HP tag will get out of order earlier as compared to CHP motors because they can’t give continuously same amount of power.

When you will increase the speed of treadmill, then the HP motor has to work more quickly which will result in more pressure and thus damaging the machine. Therefore, go for that machine that has CHP motors.

Are cheap treadmills worth it?

It is completely defined by your need. Again, if you follow normal workout routines then cheap treadmills are worth buying as they are cost-effective. And nowadays cheap treadmills also come with space-saving options, so this will give an extra edge to buy such treadmills if you are buying one for home.

Are cheap treadmills any good and serve the purpose?

It is difficult for inexpensive treadmills to have the same specs as expensive treadmills. But cheap treadmills also serve the purpose, as nowadays everyone is looking for such products which can be used in home.

So cheap treadmills come in almost all the qualities a person should need at home. Also, low-budget treadmills are now coming in space-saving features.

Furthermore, goodness of product depends on your budget. Otherwise, all the treadmills serve a complete purpose.


Compact treadmills are worth buying for those who are fitness aspirants and love to jog but are short on space. Treadmill which is foldable and cheap and also possesses quality features is difficult to spot out but we have researched and listed the best of those in our article. Hope this will urge you to make a decision.

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